Rose Select

It could be said that this wine is simply the best compromise between white and red. However, its colour and amazing features are a result of a gentle approach to winemaking whereby the natural process of turning white wine into red is stopped precisely in the middle. “Rose” by brand “Gouliev Wines” possesses the original sparkling colours in the pink spectrum, intensive aromas of rose tea and briar. It is well-balanced, not too thick but a structured dry wine from last year’s harvest, which was grown in the winery of “The Gouliev Wine House”.

Strength 10–13,5% . Vol. 0,75 l.
Best Served at 12°С.

“Rose” gives new feelings to sophisticated connoisseurs, well versed in the red-white world of wine, and for wine newcomers it is an excellent place to start, which successfully combines the best features of both white and red wine.