Our current vineyards, which are of the highest quality, exist as a result of the exceptional heritage of the region. We are lucky with the history of our region. Ancient Greeks planted vines here long before the world famous wine centres appeared. The wines of this land were, possibly, tasted by Ovid and Herodotus! Germans, Russians, French and Armenian wine-makers cultivated their wines on our land over the last two hundred years.

Now we have also founded a place with a unique microclimate between the Black Sea coast and the Dniester firth where in 1998–1999 the vineyards of our family were laid down on 1000 hectares.



The climate in the centre of the Odessa region allows us to grow almost all international varietals of grapes.

It is a moderate continental region with hot dry summers and mild winters with little snow. There are more than 290 sunny days per year. The average temperature in January is from 0 to −2°С, in July — from 23 to 25°С. The average annual temperature is 11°С. The average amount of precipitation is 340–470 mm per year. It falls mostly in the summer, often as showers. The duration of the vegetative period is 190–210 days with the average sum of temperatures from 2800 to 3400 °С.


Our southern black earth is exceptionally fertile. The thickness of the topsoil is up to 40 cm. The roots of the grapes get an abundance of nutrients that is why with a yield of more than 100 hundredweights from a hectare the wine value of the grapes is maintained. The density of the loamy soil is the reason for the bright flowery flavours in the wines.

Seedlings of the grapes

Seedlings of the grapes

The seedlings for our vineyards have a noble French origin. We bought from the nursery “Hoakim Rimond”. In 1999 they were delivered personally by Jean-Marie Rimond. As it was discovered before 1917 there used to be a representative office of “Hoakim Rimond” in Odessa and the grandson of the founder decided to visit on his own, the place with which his family’s history is connected.